• 3 Things to Do With Your Possessions When Moving

    Moving houses can be a scary experience with how many things you need to keep track of. From making sure you have your dates right for all your contractors and finalising paper work to actually getting on the road with all your belongings there is a lot that can go wrong. These problems are often multiplied by having a family to take care of so pay close attention if you do have small kids to look after in this process.
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  • Top Tips for Keeping Your Furniture Safe While in Storage

    Furniture storage isn't as straightforward as just placing the items into a storage unit and then forgetting about them. You could probably get away with this if they were only going to stay inside the unit for a few days, but this defeats the purpose of actually renting a storage unit. To ensure that your furniture emerges from storage in as good a condition as when it went inside, a small amount of preparation work is necessary.
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