3 Things to Do With Your Possessions When Moving

Posted on: 26 June 2018


Moving houses can be a scary experience with how many things you need to keep track of. From making sure you have your dates right for all your contractors and finalising paper work to actually getting on the road with all your belongings there is a lot that can go wrong. These problems are often multiplied by having a family to take care of so pay close attention if you do have small kids to look after in this process. In all of this chaos it can be hard to keep track of what exactly you are moving and where and this article will help you remember what to do with what item and how to move it properly.


It is a simple matter of fact that when you move you discover exactly how much stuff you have that you don't need. While some of this stuff is probably still worth donating to a charity it is likely that if you don't want it neither will they, so you should organise removal of your items to a disposal site. While most of this stuff is likely to be lighter stuff (you would know before hand if you wanted to get rid of heavy furniture) it can add up so finding a good place to higher for its removal is a good place to start.


Once you have gone past the stuff you don't need you will come to the next pile: stuff you might need later but don't for the near future as you settle in. Luckily many places that do removals also rent storage and if you do intend to store items long term you should contact them about your storage options. Look for a place that has easy access at all times of the day and, preferably, allows you to access without too much paperwork. 


Finally, you come to the bulk of your possessions that you intend to keep and actively use. You should be able to use the same removal company for all three of these needs and you should bear in mind that by bundling multiple trips into the one package you can find a cheaper deal than finding individual companies for all three.

Remember that moving stuff on your own might seem like an attractive idea but when push comes to shove there will be so much you are keeping track of that it is simply not worth it. Instead find a removal company that can guarantee safe delivery and make sure they also deliver your heavy items into your house; some companies will not do that and will leave it at the curb. You do not want to find out on the day that you need to move all four (or more) beds into your house and up flights of stairs. Look around for a good deal and meet the people you intend to employ in person to gauge whether or not you feel comfortable with the