Do you move often? Consider these 4 types of sofa fabrics

Posted on: 6 November 2018


Some people live their lives constantly on the road. If you frequently move from one home to another, you'll need furniture that is durable and easy to carry around. Durable furniture makes it easier for you to pack up and move to your new destination when the time comes.

Even as a frequent mover, you may still have a sofa or a matching set of couches in your home. Sofas act as the cornerstone for any living room space, and they add comfort to any new home you may move into. However, it can be challenging for household removalists to regularly carry sofas in and out of different homes. They can easily become damaged, ripped or worn out over time.

You can overcome this challenge by selecting a durable fabric for your sofas. Rather than opting for delicate and sensitive fabrics, here are 4 materials that will withstand heavy use and frequent moving.

1. Wool

Woollen sofas are made from natural fibres (sourced from animals and plants). Wool is soft and comfortable, but it's also quite durable. Woollen sofas provide the perfect balance between comfort when you settle in and convenience when you need to move in a few weeks.

Wool is also stain-resistant, and it doesn't easily fade or wrinkle. You can easily move woollen seat cushions in and out of the home without incurring damage.

2. Cotton

Cotton is another natural fibre that provides excellent durability and comfort. When blended with other materials such as linen and polyester, cotton sofas are durable and can withstand fading or soiling.

Cotton couches are also light and easy to carry around. This makes them a top choice for frequent movers who wish to remain mobile whenever they settle somewhere. And with multiple colour and design options to choose from, you will always enjoy setting up your new living room space.

3. Nylon

If you prefer synthetic fibres for your sofa, you can't go wrong with nylon. Nylon is a strong fabric often used on upholstery items. As you frequently load and offload your sofa from moving trucks, nylon will keep your chair stain-free and it will also not easily fade. If you wish to upholster your sofa, consider using nylon.

4. Leather

Frequent movers will find comfort and flexibility in leather sofas. Not only does leather provide an elegant touch to any new home, but it's also one of the most durable fabrics out there. Whether you have a pet or kids, a leather sofa will take a thorough beating and still remain in good shape over time.

Leather sofas also breathe life into any living room and make your work easier when decorating a new home or apartment.