4 Tips to Follow When You Need to Move Your Wine Collection to a New Home

Posted on: 6 June 2017


Sofas, beds, books, tables, television sets – these are some of your more common household items that will need to be moved by your removalists when you change homes. However, some people have specialty items, and one of the trickiest of all can be a wine collection.

The odd bottle or two isn't an issue, but a whole wine collection can represent hundreds or thousands of dollars, and possibly quite a few years of diligent collecting. As such, you'll want to follow these four tips to make sure your collection makes it from your old house to the new one in perfect condition.

1. Use Specialist Boxes

You'll obviously want to avoid using a bunch of old cardboard boxes to move your wine collection — they won't provide the support or the strength necessary. You may be thinking that wood or tough plastic would be fine, but you should really look for boxes that have been designed with wine bottles in mind. These will be made from a strong outer material, with Styrofoam used inside to create slots for each bottle.

2. Appraise the Cost and Check the Terms

Some people know — to the dollar — the exact cost of their wine collection, but others are surprised by just how much value they have built up over the years. Before you even call a removal company, make sure you have your collection properly appraised — your local fine wine store should be able to help you out. This is good to know for insurance purposes, but it also makes sense to get an approximate figure before calling a removalist. Many will not take responsibility for extremely valuable items or sets of items, so check the terms and hire accordingly.

3. Consider a Climate-Controlled Vehicle

Wine needs to be kept away from extreme temperatures, which can affect its delicate taste. With that in mind, you might want to consider looking for a removals company that is able to offer a climate-controlled vehicle. This probably won't be necessary if you're going to be moving across town, but it's a good idea for longer journeys, as well as when it's either the height of summer or the depth of winter.

4. Rest Before Opening

You have your wine collection safe and sound inside your new house — congratulations! However, make sure you don't celebrate by popping a cork. However careful you are during the move, bottles of wine can still be shaken. This won't cause permanent damage, but the flavour can be lost if you open a bottle too soon. Play things safe and wait around a week before opening one up.