• Moving Into a Strata Management Property: A Few Things to Remember

    Living in a strata-managed property comes with a set of rules and regulations—some of which are fairly general (and arguably a matter of common sense), and some that are specific to the property. Living in the property means you intend to abide by these rules and regulations and have probably already signed an agreement to this effect. Those rules can apply before you move in, and can in fact influence the actual process of moving in.
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  • 4 Things You Should Consider When Moving Your Office

    Moving your office can be a tricky affair. Unlike a residential move, an office move requires meticulous planning since minor oversights could interrupt your business. Below are several things you should know about office removals.  1. Always Work With An Experienced Removalist A removalist will ease your office move. Below are some tips to help you when choosing an office removalist:  Assess the removalist's experience. For instance, have they moved other offices in the past?
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  • How To Examine A Removal Contract

    Are you thinking of hiring a furniture removalist? One of your concerns when hiring the furniture removalist is the professional's terms of contract. Below is an article discussing what you should look out for when evaluating a removals contract.  Services Provided The removalist must be specific about the services included in the standard charge. For instance, most removalists will disassemble furniture, pack and move your items. They will also unpack and arrange items on the new premises.
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