Two reasons why people hire furniture removalists when they move

Posted on: 23 August 2023


Here are two common reasons people hire furniture removalists when they move to new properties.

These professionals know what protective equipment to use to keep their clients' furniture safe

One reason people use the services of these professionals is that removalists know exactly what equipment they need to use to keep furniture safe when it's being moved. For example, furniture removalists will often use furniture sliders when moving large items that need to be pulled across floors (such as big wardrobes and long tables). They'll place these sliders under the feet or base of each furniture item, which will then ensure that as they pull the furniture over, for example, a tiled floor, its feet or base won't have direct contact with this surface but will sit on top of the sliders, which will glide smoothly over the floor. This will keep the bottom parts of the furniture from getting scratched.

Similarly, when they need to transport particularly heavy furniture items, they won't simply pick them up and carry them out to their truck, but will instead normally use wheeled dollies; transporting furniture like this in and out of their vehicle with dollies not only allows them to work at a faster pace but also virtually eliminates the risk of them losing their grip on the heavy item and dropping it. Additionally, they will often utilise furniture tie-down straps to stabilise the furniture within their vehicle and prevent furniture items from colliding with and damaging each other during transit.

They have the tools and the know-how to disassemble furniture efficiently

In order to fit certain furniture items through hallways, doorways and other narrow areas when moving them, it's often necessary for these items to be disassembled first. A second reason so many people hire furniture removalists when they move is that these experts have the right tools and the know-how to rapidly disassemble furniture, and thus get it moved to the client's new property promptly. They'll immediately be able to tell which tool they need and will, therefore, be able to disassemble the furniture without delay.

Additionally, removalists also handle the disassembly of furniture very methodically, in a way that can make its reassembly much easier. They'll ensure that all of the dowels, screws, nuts and bolts they remove are kept organised and stored in labelled bags, and will ensure that each furniture item's various components are stowed together in their truck. This will ensure that the reassembly of the furniture won't be delayed due to some bolts getting lost or one of the furniture legs having been packed in a different box from the other legs.