Less Stress when Moving House: How to Reduce the Stress of Your Imminent Move

Posted on: 8 June 2017


If there is one thing that cannot be underestimated, it is the stress involved with moving house. According to research, moving house is more stressful than divorce. This is especially true if you work long hours, have young children who don't want to leave their friends behind, and have a spouse who often works away. As you do your best to cope with the myriad of responsibilities thrust at you all at once, it can be easy to lose hope.

However, there is light at the end of this moving road as long as you as act quickly to make every aspect of your move as simple as possible.

Hire Friends and Family Members for Packing

Call on your friends and nearby relatives to help you pack the most awkward parts of your home as early as possible. While you pack the kitchen and your children's bedrooms, they can be clearing out your garage, emptying the attic and hauling off the useless but heavy junk you no longer need.

Purge Your Old Furniture Early On

As early as you can, get rid of old and bulky items of furniture. Remember, you are going to need tons of space for boxes once you have cleared out the cupboards, wardrobes and shelves. Plan to purchase new furniture when you get to your new home. Yes, you may have to use boxes for a table for a few days, but at least you'll have more space to work with.

Hire Removalists for Moving Day

Although hiring removalists for your move requires investment, your moving day stress will be drastically reduced by doing so. Likewise, when you know weeks in advance that you'll be using removalists for your move, your stress levels will be greatly reduced. Not only will the lifting and manoeuvring be taken care of, but you won't have to worry about driving a heavy truck filled with your precious possessions.

Relieve Yourself of the Junk

As you pack, you are going to come across items that you haven't used in a long time, if at all. To save yourself the stress of finding homes for all this junk in your new home, get rid of it. Hire a skip bin if you have to and dump everything in there. Purge, and then purge some more.

Much of the stress of moving comes from the sense of apprehension that fills you about the future. So many things can go wrong. But by hiring and recruiting the right help, and dumping the items that weigh you down in advance of your move, the weight on your shoulders will be greatly reduced come moving day. 

For more information on hiring a storage unit, find one that is close to your new destination!