Tips for Selecting a Storage Unit

Posted on: 8 June 2017


Storage units are indispensable when you have extra items in your home that you would like to store. These units also come in handy when you have plans to move into a new home and would like to store your possessions at a safe place before the move. However, choosing storage units may not always be easy, especially for people who haven't done it before. You need to narrow down your options from the multiple storage units available, and to do this, you have to evaluate some aspects.

Therefore, here are top tips you need to have at hand when selecting a storage unit for your items. 

Look at the Location of the Storage Unit

Unless the unit is a container that you are keeping at your property, you need to carefully consider the location of the storage facility. The ideal location depends on various factors. First, if you need to check on your items regularly, choosing a location that is nearest to you would be the most practical decision. Taking extremely long drives just to access your possessions will not only be inconvenient but also costly in terms of the fuel you spend.

Cost is also another aspect that can help you find a suitable storage unit location for your needs. Generally, storage units located within the city or town will cost you more than those outside of town, so if you are on a budget, you may want to consider the latter. However, only choose such a storage unit if you won't need regular access to your items because, while you may have saved some money in upfront costs, you can easily end up spending even more by driving up to the location all the time.

Evaluate the Items You Need to Store

Once you identify your ideal location, the next thing is to look at the kind of possessions you need to keep in the storage unit. This is because storage units are designed to handle different types of items. Most significantly, look at items that are likely to be affected by rapid changes in the climate. For instance, when it's dry, furniture may crack or split. When it becomes humid, it could be susceptible to mould and mildew. Therefore, for such items, consider climate-controlled storage units. These units are also ideal for temperature sensitive items such as medications and other possessions that may wear down over time.

Consider Access Time to Your Items

Storage facilities have different operating times. Since you may not know when you might need an item in your storage unit, it's important to select a facility that allows for 24-hours access to the stored items.