The Logistics of a Two-Stop Move: How to Prepare when Moving Your Things to Two Locations

Posted on: 18 June 2017


Sometimes, when moving house, it is logistically practical to move your possessions to two locations, rather than one. This might be because you will be renting short-term and have yet to purchase a new house, or have decided to move in with your partner and have too much stuff to put in one place. In this case, you will need to drop off what you don't currently need at a separate location; perhaps a storage facility, before reaching your final destination.

Inform Your Removalists in Advance

As long as you inform your removalists of your plan before your move, moving your things in this manner shouldn't be a problem. The same applies if you require your things to be picked up from two locations and transported to your new home. This will, of course, cost extra, but at least you can be sure that your move will progress smoothly and efficiently. Your move can also be completed in a day rather than several days.

Clearly Label Your Things

As you pack your things, make sure that you make it easy for your movers to easily identify what will go to storage and what will be delivered to your temporary or permanent home. You might not always be available to ensure that your things are delivered to the right locations so this step is crucial.

Use colour-coding by sticking labels of one colour on the storage items and one colour on the boxes and items to be delivered. As an extra precaution, write on every box in large clear lettering. Otherwise, you may end up with vital possessions in storage and vice versa.

Remember, First off, Last On

Plan this part with your removalists beforehand. Before they arrive, assign areas of your house to things that will be put in storage and things that will be delivered. You may need the help of relatives and friends for this part. For example, move all boxes to be delivered to your new home into the front room of your current home. Provide your removalists with a checklist of furniture that will also go to your new home and ensure that they stick to it.

This will mean that your items to go into storage will be last on the truck and therefore first off once you arrive at the storage facility. By carrying out these two vital steps, your move should progress without a hitch and you can then get down to the business of settling into your new home.

Contact local removal services for more information and assistance.