A self-storage tool kit

Posted on: 22 June 2017


Self storage units are a handy place to keep furniture, books and other belongings while you're moving house or when you're short on space. While it might seem that all you need to make use of one is a pile of things to store and a way to transport them, a few extra tools can help you get the most out of your storage space. If you're going to be revisiting your storage locker, create a small tool kit and keep it near the entrance. Here are a few of the things you should think about including. 


You may find that furniture is easier to move when it's disassembled; however, sometimes items like tables or bookshelves can be easier to store when they're put back together. Keep a screwdriver in your tool kit to do any last-minute work needed. 


If you return to your storage unit to add or remove items, you will need to update the labels on your boxes. Keep a felt-tip marker pen or two in your kit so that you can note what you've added or taken out. 

A plan 

Once you've filled your storage locker, you may find it hard to locate things, especially if there are lots of identical boxes. Before you lock up for the first time, make a quick sketch map of the interior on a piece of paper and put it in your tool kit. The next time you come back, your memory of what's where may not be as good as when you leave; you'll be thankful for the reminder. 

Packing tape

If you need to take anything out of your boxes while they're in storage, you'll have to open them up, breaking the packing-tape seal. Keep a roll of packing tape in your tool kit, along with scissors or a utility knife to cut it with. You don't want to forget and try to move a partly open box when you finally take things out of storage. 

Carrier bags or luggage

When you need to take items out of your storage boxes, you'll need something to carry them in. Keep a couple of spare shopping bags or unused pieces of luggage in your tool kit to deal with loads that are smaller than one box, or that include items from several. 

Preparing this storage tool kit will only take a few minutes, but if you're going to be keeping items in a storage unit over a long period, it can turn out to be very useful.