3 Smart Ways to Minimise Your Moving Day Struggles

Posted on: 21 November 2017


While it can be exciting to move to a new home, don't forget that you have to get through moving day first. At face value, the process seems remarkably simple. Pack your items into boxes, rent a truck, get a few friends to help you load and unload, and hey presto, you're all moved in. If you tell yourself that it really will be this easy, these might be famous last words. Moving day can be a bit of a struggle in some respects, but there are a few ways to reduce this struggle to make the whole process as easy as possible.

1. Professional Help

It's natural to try and save money when you need to move house, and yet some aspects of the moving process can be an extremely worthwhile investment. The physical act of moving your possessions is a case in point. By all means, get a few different quotes, but paying for furniture removalists makes sense for three major reasons.

  • You are paying for their logistical skills. It might look easy to maneuver an oddly angled couch up a flight of stairs and around a corner, but there is a definite skill that comes with experience.
  • You are paying for their physical abilities. Seriously, can you imagine moving all your stuff between yourself and a few friends or family members?
  • You are paying for their insurance. This covers damage or loss during the moving process. If your friend should accidentally drop your TV when trying to unpack it from a rented truck, then it's goodbye TV!

2. Priority Box

Have a priority box when you move. You might want to keep it with you in your own vehicle to avoid any confusion. This should contain a change of clothes, your toiletries and bed linen. Why your bed linen? As soon as your beds have been unpacked, they can be made and you're ready to rest. This can be important if you have young children who might need to sleep shortly after arrival. Keeping these items in a priority box means that you won't have to go hunting through the other boxes that have been delivered, which can be problematic no matter how carefully they might have be organised. Although there is a smart way to know the contents of each box...

3. Inventory and Locating

Avoid the post-move disarray! Unless you unpack everything immediately, you'll have to contend with the puzzle of which item is in which box. There are numerous websites that allow you to generate printable QR (Quick Response) codes. This makes for an excellent means of taking inventory and locating your possessions. How does it work? You create a database of all the items that have been packed in a certain box. A QR code is generated, printed (you'll need a printer and a few sheets of adhesive paper to make the stickers), and attached to the box. You then scan the QR code using the barcode reader on your phone and you'll know exactly what's inside. Your daughter won't go to sleep without her favourite doll? You'll find it in seconds with a quick zap of a QR code. It's quicker and easier than having to hunt for an individual item through multiple boxes after all the boxes have been unloaded.

Moving day can always be a bit of a struggle, but it's not all that complicated to minimise this struggle.