3 Tips to Ensure Your Move Does Not End in Back Pain

Posted on: 29 August 2019


Moving house is often described as controlled chaos, and when the moving day itself rolls around, it is not unusual for a lot of activity to be occurring all at once. As someone who is about to move house, you know that hiring a furniture removalist is the most efficient way to get your belongings onto a truck and off to your new residence. However, it is not unusual for homeowners to suffer back injury during a house move despite having hired a removalist to help. Here are three tips to ensure that this house move does not end with you suffering back pain.

Slowly But Surely

Whether you are paying the furniture removalist by the hour, or whether it is a fixed fee to relocate from point A to point B, many back injuries happen simply because a person was in a rush. On moving day, slowly but surely means your furniture gets loaded onto the truck without you hurting your back. If you want to be helpful to the removalist, move boxes outside by the truck and leave it to them to pack your things on board. This means you can walk at your own pace to help empty the house without rushing and potentially spraining a muscle.

Moving Dollys

When it comes to larger household items such as your fridge, many homeowners like to pull these things out of their spot before moving day so they can clean underneath. However, these items are not easy to move on your own. On moving day, get your furniture removalist to move these items for you. They have moving dollies and lifting straps which make short work of getting large items out of the house. Once the item has been moved, then you can clean beneath it, and your back has been spared the pain of trying to move anything oversized by yourself.

Proper Lifting Technique

Finally, if you are going to pick up any of your belongings to move them out to the removalist's truck, remember the two important lifting techniques:

  1. Do not lift boxes over your head. You are more likely to pull or strain a back muscle when you raise your arms over your head while holding something heavy.
  2. Bend at the knees when you bend down to pick anything off the floor. When you straighten your legs it is your leg muscles and not your back muscles which are put under pressure to lift the item.

You likely hired a furniture removalist to take some of the strain off yourself on moving day, so let them do what they do well and that saves your back from potential injury.