What You Need to Know About Interstate Removal Services

Posted on: 23 June 2020


Moving interstate can be a tedious process; that is why you need to have some order to ensure your interstate move is flawless and stress-free. Here is what you need to know to make this possible:

Securing a House

Of course, you can't move until you know that you have secured a house in the state you are moving to. This is usually the first step; you do not want to be stranded with your belongings.

Finding a Reputable Interstate Removal Company

This is the second step because it helps you plan other things. By the time you are contacting the interstate moving company (at least a month before your moving date), you should already know the date you want to move. This helps the moving company book a moving truck and operators for you on that day.

You also want to choose an interstate removal company that has in the past operated or moved people from your current state to the state you are moving to. Such a company has the experience needed to help it avoid any problems that may make your moving process stressful.

For example, the moving company can warn you about the rules or policies that may conflict with your needs. A good example is pets and plants; some pets and plants may not be allowed in particular states. The interstate moving company can advise you so that you don't get stuck at the border wondering where to take your pet.

After you call an interstate moving service, they will often inform you how they conduct their services to help you organise yourself in a way that makes work easier. The company also listens to your needs to find out how it can be flexible to meet them.


A checklist is important and should be prepared carefully and slowly. You might not remember everything in one day; start making the checklist even two months before your moving date to ensure you don't leave anything out. Don't forget to include the plans you made with the interstate moving company in it. You can expect your checklist to include:

  • Reminders to give notice to various people (your boss, landlord, children's school, relevant institutions, etc.)
  • Household items you should finish
  • Items to give or store away
  • Things you should not forget, especially important moving documents
  • The date and time you expect the interstate removal company at your doorstep
  • When you are supposed to confirm your booking