How to Save Time When Moving Your Office Furniture

Posted on: 5 October 2020


Moving your company to a new commercial space is never easy. Besides informing your customers and other stakeholders about the changes, you will need to create a practical move plan for the heavy furniture and other equipment you use for work. As such, it's advisable to have a solid plan to complete the task on schedule so you can resume work as soon as possible. So, what steps should you take to make the furniture removal process less stressful? Some useful tricks are outlined below.

1. Remove the contents in the drawers

The first thing you need to do when moving office furniture is to empty the drawers. These contents usually increase the furniture's overall weight, making it difficult for movers to lift them. The weight also increases injury risks. Ideally, each employee's drawer content should be packed in separate boxes and be labelled. This makes it easier for the employees to find their files and paperwork once they get to the new office. Besides, the furniture will be lighter to lift, and the contents will be protected during the move since they are packed in boxes.

2. Disassemble the large furniture

Reducing the furniture size makes the removal process easier. So, consider asking movers that specialise in furniture removals to unbolt and disassemble the furniture on your behalf. After all, office furniture is expensive, and the last thing you want is to disassemble them incorrectly—you'll incur more expenses to fix or replace them. Professional movers have tools that help them unbolt the furniture easily. They will pack the pieces of furniture in separate boxes. The bolts and nuts, and other additional hardware are placed in different zipped bags and placed in the respective boxes. All this preparation saves time and money.

3. Assign the removal work to professionals

The fact that you have workers means that you or your employees don't have to risk getting injured due to a lack of expertise. It's always advisable to assign the work to licensed, insured, and bonded removalists. Other than having the necessary skills and tools needed to provide quality service, these experts will take responsibility if anything gets misplaced or damaged during the move. Besides, your employees will focus on what you hired them to do, making it easier to run your business smoothly after the transition.

Consider contacting a few furniture removal companies and checking out client reviews to learn more.