How To Examine A Removal Contract

Posted on: 9 March 2021


Are you thinking of hiring a furniture removalist? One of your concerns when hiring the furniture removalist is the professional's terms of contract. Below is an article discussing what you should look out for when evaluating a removals contract. 

Services Provided

The removalist must be specific about the services included in the standard charge. For instance, most removalists will disassemble furniture, pack and move your items. They will also unpack and arrange items on the new premises. However, you may have to pay an extra charge if you need storage space or removal boxes. Additionally, you should check what the removalist does not transport. In most cases, the removalist will ask you to organise separate transport for your jewellery, cash and pets. Inquire about the availability of specialist services if you need them. For example, you could need to conduct an international or overnight move. 

Terms Of Removals Insurance

Inquire whether the removalist can organise removals insurance. If they do, check the terms of the cover. For instance, does it have a limit? Will you receive a new item or an amount equivalent to the market value of the damaged item? Check what could void the cover. For example, it could become void if you pack your items or overestimate the value of your things. 

Customer Obligations

Check your obligations to prevent disputes with the removalist. For instance, the removalist will ask to visit your home to appraise your items and determine the equipment required to move your home. They could also ask you to ensure that the hallways and staircases are clear if you live in an apartment. 

Removal Equipment

There are cases when you may need to hire equipment from the removalist. For instance, say you need portable storage containers to use as you move your home or office. You could also hire removals equipment such as trollies, furniture dollies, sliders, moving blankets and boxes. If this is the case, check the terms of hiring these items. For instance, what is the maximum load of the dollies? Are you required to clean the items after use? When should you return the equipment?  

People that need to conduct a self-move may need to rent a removals truck. In most cases, the removalist will ask you to return the truck in its original condition. Besides, the removalist could prohibit you from moving outside a specified location. Remember to inquire if the removalist will repair the vehicle if it breaks down. 

When assessing the terms of your removalist, check the offered services, terms of removals insurance, customer obligations and the conditions of hiring removal equipment.