Moving Into a Strata Management Property: A Few Things to Remember

Posted on: 23 July 2021


Living in a strata-managed property comes with a set of rules and regulations—some of which are fairly general (and arguably a matter of common sense), and some that are specific to the property. Living in the property means you intend to abide by these rules and regulations and have probably already signed an agreement to this effect. Those rules can apply before you move in, and can in fact influence the actual process of moving in. What should you think about when planning your moving day to a strata-managed property?

The Time (and Day) of Your Relocation

With other moves, you might not think about the time of day (or the day of the week) when the move will take place. It often comes down to when you need to move out, your work and other commitments and when you're able to book a furniture removals service. It can be different with a strata-managed property. Before making any firm plans, you must talk to the building manager.

Talk to Building Management

The building might have rules that dictate the time of day you're permitted to move your possessions into your new home, or even the days of the week when this is permitted. You must schedule your removalists accordingly. Building management may be able to reserve space for the moving truck directly outside the complex, allowing for quick and easy unloading. It's absolutely essential to find out about any restrictions, as you don't want to be penalised.

Using a Common Elevator

If you were planning to utilise the building's elevator to move your possessions, this must also be confirmed with building management. There might be some restrictions pertaining to the time of day when this can happen, but there might also be a requirement for adequate protection, such as a heavy-duty elevator blanket to protect the elevator's interior from damage. Alternatively, there might be a separate freight elevator in some buildings, and provided you've sought permission, this can be a convenient option. Freight elevators often require a key to operate them, which can be provided to you by building management.

Noise at Night

Even if you've moved in within the allotted time, you may face a few hurdles with setting up your new home. Be sure that you're aware of any rules forbidding loud noise after a certain time of day. While you might want to spend the evening moving your furniture around, assembling various items and generally setting up your new home, you might be limited in what you can do after a specific time. 

It's really just a matter of being aware of the building's rules and regulations and ensuring that your relocation doesn't breach these restrictions.