How Do You Deal with an Oversized Sofa on Moving Day?

Posted on: 15 April 2022


If you are downsizing and moving out of a spacious, "ranch" style house into an upstairs condo, you have some challenges ahead of you. You may be used to living on the ground floor only but now have stairs to deal with and need to find a way to move your furniture. If you have never done this before, how tricky is it likely to be when it comes to those particularly bulky and large objects?

Dealing with the Sofa

For most people in this situation, the sofa will be the acid test. After all, you may have splurged when you first bought it, so you can be as comfortable as possible on your oversized sofa as you watch your favourite programs. Your sofa may be well made and have a reclining element, so it will be even heavier than normal on the big day.

Moving Time

Most other items of furniture offer a degree of flexibility. For example, you can separate the mattress and headboard from the base when moving your bed and will probably be able to take pieces of your entertainment centre apart to shift that. However, the sofa is going to be very different. You'll definitely need at least two strong and fit people who know a little about physics when you get to your new property.

Challenges Ahead

Of course, it doesn't take too much to figure out that you will need to stand the sofa on its end to get through a tall doorway. You may be able to carry it at an angle when going upstairs, with the very strongest person on the bottom due to the lower centre of gravity. However, what do you do when there is a sharp turn in the stairwell and not much room to manoeuvre?

Tricks of the Trade

Here, you can use a trick of the trade and get ready to pivot the sofa in a certain direction. You will need to begin your journey up the stairs by making sure that the seat area of the sofa is facing in the direction that you want to turn. Then, when you get to the obstruction, you'll find some handy extra space (basically a void) on the side facing the obstruction and furthest away from the rear of the sofa. By moving slowly and with purpose, you should be able to squeeze the sofa around the corner and get ready to attempt the next flight.

The Best Solution

Certainly, this sounds good on paper, but you have to do it in the real world. Alternatively, you could hand this job over to professional movers, and they will know exactly what to do without any confusion. They'll also make sure that you do not arrive at your new place with scuffs or tears, to say nothing of bumps and bruises. Look into furniture removalists near you for more information.